First love !
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aaashi Humans, not places, make memories.
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First love

First love !

A curly haired girl , once fell for a guy but she was unaware . The boy tries his best to impress and imprison her with his love. The girl caged herself with boundaries.

For once she realised her love for him , and planned to try crossing the boundary. Yet, fate had the other plan. Never met each other for years. Does their first love wither immediately after it blooms ???

Nah, It grew like a giant tree ! She turned into a sensible woman. He turned into a supportive man. Destiny brought them together once again. This time they never wanted to give up !

They ended up waiting for a fairytale moment ! Confessed their feelings ? Kind of ! Misunderstandings? Quite rare ! Fights? Often ! Love ? To the sky !

First love is not about the first person you date or kiss. It's about the first person you can't get over , even when you have convinced yourself that you have moved on. ❤️💙

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