A struggling conversation ...šŸ’™
A struggling conversation ...šŸ’™ šŸ’™ stories
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aaashi Humans, not places, make memories.
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Eternal love

A struggling conversation ...šŸ’™

They met Which is not a usual one ! She doesn't have much time.

Yet she never wanted to leave. He rehearses to start a word ... She awaits for his start...

Both roughly had a glare eye contact. Street lights went asleep. Their privacy was rescued , where they had none to spy.

She prepared herself for a BYE ! Where she thought only then he will start a conversation !

He was in a state of more than self realisation ! He never let her go by heart ! She never want to say bye !

Silence prevailed ! Both just glanced for an hour ! Words failed... The love overpowered !!!

Finally both exchanged a painful sigh She left in disappointment as he failed bitterly in making her stay !

She walked few steps .... A rough sore cough cleared the silence where he stood with open arms ! His afflicted red wet eyes closed with a drop of tear rolling down to reach his chin !

He realized that he had reached the moon and stars . With a pleasant feel around , it is no less than a fairytale !

Love you were the words heard by him where he didn't skip a immediate second to open his eyes !

To his view , he was firmly hugged by his eternal love ! Finally he chanted the most rehearsed words of his life I LOVE YOU

Hearing that, her lips widened . She was gleeful ! He shaded her with his arms. A warm hug with a plenty of mellow kisses never let the night to end !

Eternal love ! Just the way it is ! šŸ’™

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