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Today’s society


POV: your at school and the pledge of allegiance plays through the loud speakers, your friends and teacher stand up and place there hand on their heart, but you keep sitting.

The teacher says: stand up Your classmates say: stand up

The teacher says: stand up or I’ll call security Your classmates say: Come on it’s not a big deal stand up

You say: no. They ask why? But the real question is: why do you stand up? To honor those police officers who see an innocent black man and don’t hesitate to shoot.He was unarmed and was going for a run.

Or to honor the country you live in? It isn’t that bad. Right? no, it is. But you choose to ignore it, you choose to ignore the innocent woman that was raped, But she asking for it right? She was wearing clothes that show to much, are you so blind as to think this? No means no you bastard. But it’s to late, the damage is done.

you choose to ignore the government stripping people of their human rights, you choose, to ignore the cops killing based on color. In today’s society in this country kids think it’s normal to hear a school shooting happened or a child was kidnapped at the park. But you ignore it. Because it’s easier than doing something about it, it’s easier than fighting.

LGBTQ people are humans too But they are stripped of their right to marry the people they love. And these things all happen around us everyday. Wether we choose to ignore it or we choose to fight.

But then again, I’m just a kid right? I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I wrote this not to offend anyone but to get the word out. We need to change This should not be the world we live in Us kids should not feel this world is normal I want people to know what happens around them And maybe this will take up 10 minutes of your day and you keep scrolling and forget about this. Or you do something. I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for taking the time to read it. I love you.

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