No one ever dares to go near it.

 No one ever dares to go near it. short story stories

a_wanshi Fiction made me smile more than reality.
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No one ever does.

No one ever dares to go near it.

The old hemlock tree and a dragon forever crowned on its top. Every living creature was scared of its haunting presence on the forbidden tree.

No one ever dares to go near it. The old whispered the tale of no survivors, The young shivered as they saw it from their wooden window. No one ever knew why.

One day the birds chirped as the knight of the king had come to the land, everyone welcomed her with open arms. Then her brown orbs saw the old tree.

She heard the tales, sat through the legends which the people told. But never really understood the reason for everyone's nightmares, 'No one ever goes near it.' She remembered,

But being a knight she became curious, She slowly slid towards the tree, the night light twinkling from the trees. She looked up.

The dragon had seen her, then she noticed that it was rather very small. His red enlarged eyes, pierced in her soul. She simply smiled, and said

"Need help getting down?" . . . . . . . "Please" he whispered back. ---- And they lived to become the greatest duo the kingdom has ever had.

-Saw the general outline somewhere but made my own version of it. A. Wanshi.

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