Time to Break the Rules!!!!
Time to Break the Rules!!!! stories
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a_true_nekoA gay poet, amazing :)
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break the rules !!!! color outside the lines !!!! forget the haters and dream big!!!!
this is one of my - rarely- happy poems for any one tired of their parents and life it self , any one like me !!!!

Time to Break the Rules!!!!

by anglesarisen

Parents say "Dream big"

But they mean "Dream big But Not too big"

The teachers say "form a line " What's wrong with zig-zags ?

They say " Don’t disrespect your elders " We say " Ever heard o f the Golden rule"?

Live your life to the fullest !

Forget every other haters !

And if life gives you lemons ,


Make lemonade !

And drink the lemonade !!!!!!!

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