The Secret He Shared.
The Secret He Shared. stories

a_true_nekoA gay poet, amazing :)
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This is what he said to me lastly.

The Secret He Shared.

"Everyone deserves, A little bit, Of happy.

Because everyone in life, Had a sad part That needs to be replaced. Even those, Who lie and say they don't, Need it the most.

Because where there is happy, There is a smile. Where there is a smile, There is love, And where there is love, There is hope. And where there is hope, There is a reason to live.

So smile, And be happy, Little one"

That's what he told me, That's what he shared. So I'll make his memory one to remember, So he'll always stay here. In the back of my head, Forever in my dreams. In the back of my mind, Forever, Lovely.

Rest well, Good Friend.

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