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a_true_nekoA gay poet, amazing :)
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sometimes the bad days are the best.


Remember when I was happy?

I thought " I wish it'll always be like this, "You & Me"

Remember when my best friends house burned down, And she went down with it?

You took me in.

Remember the day I was heartbroken? You held me as I cried. Told me I was worth it.

Remember when I had my first crush? Everyone found out. They looked at me in disgust. You stayed.

Remember the day I lost it all? I walked through the hallways alone, no one saw me. They saw through me. I was nothing.

You said otherwise.

Remember when you tried to kill yourselves? I cried for weeks. Though it was my fault. Then you two said you were sorry.

You didn't want to die, because of me and our friendship.

Remember the day I told you guys I loved you?

I still do.

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