One Last Time.
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a_true_nekoA gay poet, amazing :)
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you all see what I'm made of, so do you see, what I'm afraid of?
This poem has a lot of problems, if you can find all of them, you'll understand why I did what I did.

(if you don't understand this, ask and I'll explain)

One Last Time.

So. This is a poem supposed to be on my thoughts. If you want to know what goes on in my head, keep on.

Go to the next slide. You'll regret it all in the end. ...............................................................

When I look in the mirror, I can't stop the insults. I call myself things, Things I shouldn't.

But I can't even stop. So I give up, And I give in.

I wear a smile, Then cry when I'm alone, I say I'm okay, When I'm actually dying.

I hate it when, People tell me I'll get better. Not I won't. So do me a favor, And stop it. It's a waste of time. For both of us.

Just before anyone wakes up, I cry my eyes out, But when the lights come on, So does my act.

I smile, But the redness in my eyes shows the truth. I am pressured too much, It's starting to physically hurt.

Another 62 on my math homework, You all expect me to learn it quick, But it's not as easy, As you think.

I am not a robot, Stop thinking I am, I am not perfect, Stop treating me like I should be.

I try too hard, You two never notice, So what's the whole point, In trying to focus.

At school, No one knows this, But I'm done, Can't do no more "Hocus Pocus"

They don't see my pained smiles, I don't tell the truth anymore, You destroyed my life more, So we both should give up.

I've lied to my friends, Told them it was okay,m When in reality, I'm about to break.

They think I'm happy, They think I'm alright, But honestly, There's no more fight.

So there you have it, You saw what I think of, So one last time, Give me one good reason.

To live. To hope.

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