love, stupid yes, but i'm glad its with you.
love, stupid yes, but i'm glad its with you. stories

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lml, one save and suddenly all my poems are happy. >.<

love, stupid yes, but i'm glad its with you.

Love, the way you feel when he looks at you.

Love, the way his smile warms your body.

Love, the feeling of comfort and safe when you'e in his warm, strong arms.

Love, the way his laugh sets off butterflies and how it makes you want him all over again.

Love, the thought of feeling his soft warm lips, pressed against your own.

Love, knowing you'll never let go.

Love, it's stupid yes. But I'm glad it's with you. He's just like me though. We're scared of getting hurt by it. It's a pain, no lie. But we'll get through it. Together.

We're scared of it just, Breaking away.

But love, Knowing you'll fight for each other. And keep fighting.

Through all the pain and arguments, there is and will always be love. I can't imagine life without him, without our love.

Love, The sweetness in his every word, his very thought, his everything.

Love, Holding on to him when you're at you're very worse.

Love, The way your heart picks up when he whispers 'I love you' in your ear.

And love, feeling complete when you're around him. And finally knowing he's your one and only.


Because, His love,

Is everything. It's worth dying for.

And nothing, Absolutely nothing, Feels better when you're with him.


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