What Can't be Redeemed
What Can't be Redeemed stories
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Love is beautiful, isn't it?

What Can't be Redeemed

What is it like to gaze through your eyes?

When ethereal sunshine floods through your guise

Stuck in a world where you can see it all

Can't even trust your shadow unless you're downing alcohol

Do you enjoy the games you play?

I've heard your head is a crude gateway

A one-way street, and you're on the wrong side

The mental images from your past have put on their disguise

You can't see it yet, can you?

The web of lies that you weave when you look back and review

The torment and cruelty you've been through

All of the things you can never undo

Your body is cold when you lie next to me

Rotting and frozen, I thought you would see

How torn and mundane you seem

When you peer back and try to redeem

The atrocities from the past

Worn puzzle pieces that'll truly last

I can only hope there's help you'll go through

Before I finally bid you adieu

So the vicious storm in your mind may subdue

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