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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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On a roll this morning let's gooo

Tip the Scales

Balance, that's exactly what I'll call it

When another flower comes along to outmatch my wit

For every man has their own vice

As for me, I've got an abstract view on the parameters of paradise

While I see through the social mist with ease,

The sight of beauty can leave me beheaded, rolling down on my knees

Most people don't provide the source of untried potential that I crave

As I'll chase unfound lust till it digs out my grave

But when a dime walks by me and catches my eye,

To say I play the game fair would be a handsome lie

I weave my words with a certain precision

Tempting you to make a hasty decision

As you lose your mind in this lyrical maze

Learn to give up everything to this euphoric craze

Remember my name well, as it'll rest soundly in the back of your head

As you remember the warmth I used to give you in bed.

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