The Ram (Aries Season)
The Ram (Aries Season) stories

a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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I think I'm done for today

The Ram (Aries Season)

As I hear the sound of the war horns fade

I realize that we've all gotten lost in this parade

Agression here burns at a fever pitch

Causing the people of the world a certain yearly itch

For the ram has approached and bore his horn

One from which the first war was born

A war with ourselves, to figure out who we are

One that leaves us all with a grotesque scar

So as the anger crashes it's horns into you

From that same scar, blood will begin to spew

Don't fall prey to it's madness, and you'll do no harm

This explosive season brings no need for alarm

Just grasp tight to the horns and they'll stop dead in their tracks

For the closer you look to the bone, the deeper you'll see the cracks

Keep your head level young ram, your wild anger is something you need to lessen

Before the ocean crashes down on you to teach you a lesson.

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