The Force of a Smile
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
I got my denture :))

The Force of a Smile

How much power resides in a smile?

A time-tested tool guaranteed to lock your view for a while

Drawn into it's appealing allure

Sometimes they're all we need to feel secure

That beaming glow can make the pain fade away

No more days spent alone, empty and gray

Likewise, a broken grin can tear everything down

Leaving you with little more then a frown

Stuck in rut, speaking out through broken teeth

Entrusting your lips to cover them up like a sheath

Nerves in your mouth exposed and vulnerable

Realization sets in that my actions are irreversible

But now I realize my time has finally come,

As I place the acrylic up into my gums

This is how a smile is supposed to be

Bright, warm and overflowing with glee

I never believed I'd make it here,

Overcoming my biggest fear

As I open my mouth to reveal

An overdue smile that was well worth the ordeal.

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