The End of a Chapter
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Re-upload because I didn't have the entire poem on the last one

The End of a Chapter

For far too long have you sent me astray,

Corrupting my life with a persona of gray

Here is where I'll make my stand,

Because compared to you, I personify the term grand

You don't deserve the treatment you get,

When you use me for your whim without a single regret

You know how you act, cold, heartless and abroad

Yet you seem to want me to treat you like a god

Just let these words sink into your skull,

For you deny your true self only to seem less dull

Even though all of your friends and I can see

How much of a liar you're growing to be

Open up, stop pretending and be yourself

Don't sit there and try to act like the devil himself

I can see through your guise, with that heartless mentality

You'll wind up destroying your life with a crude lethality

I've torn myself to pieces trying to sympathize

Getting myself lost in your ocular sunrise

What do I get in return for my care?

You use me in ways my fragile heart cannot bear

Flirting and prodding to keep me in line

Losing yourself in a bottle of wine

Do you think I can't see that you know what you do?

Your little act has become nothing more then see-through

Tearing me apart, piece by piece

Looking inside for some form of release

My question is, how much does a lie cost?

Is it worth it when you're alone and lost?

Just be you, let it all come clean

Give up this toxic routine

You're hurting yourself and those you hold close

Maybe then you'll feel a sense of repose.

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