Set me Ablaze
Set me Ablaze stories

a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Light me on fire with your beautiful persona

Set me Ablaze

I plead with the sky as my emotions tilt

Begging for the flower in your eye to never wilt

For I doubt I could live to see the day

When the locks of your pure black hair eventually fade to gray

Foreign to me, a brand new guise

But these views are far from lies

Seeing you without your youthful energy would feel fallacious

Like a ballerina that had lost the will to be gracious

For without it you are but a shell,

A one night stand at an old motel

Rotten and dark,

Your youth casts a spark

As it falls onto my heart's metaphorical fuse

Before it caught flame I'd already known I would lose

Now I'm up in smoke like a funeral pyre

As my retina's attach themselves to your etheric attire

Forever I'll have lost a piece of myself within you

Permanently stuck within your lovely red hue

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