Seductress, Your Charm Doesn't Work on me Anymore
Seductress, Your Charm Doesn't Work on me Anymore stories
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Just something about a feeling i'm feeling right now

Seductress, Your Charm Doesn't Work on me Anymore

You adorn yourself with a fannatic array

Of tempting apparel designed to take mans attention away

You want everyone to gawk and stare at you

The men to all gather and stare at your view

I look upon you with a different regard

As I can see your hand is the one that holds the perfect card

You've got the potential to escape this place

To climb ahead and sprint to the front of the race

Yet you lag behind, choosing to tease the weak

I suppose I can thank you for leaving me far from meek

As I was your target not that long ago

It was a feeling I'd felt deep inside even before this blasphemous snow

But just like the winter you'd left me feeling cold

The way you juggled me from friend to little more then an intimate plaything was unusually bold

You wanted me for my attention, without a promise for affection

The way you treated me was little more then projection

Don't think I don't know that you refuse to love your own reflection

I've told you too many times how desperately you need inspection

Yet you've moved past the trainwreck you've caused without stopping once for inflection

Instead choosing to move back to your same old ways,

Drinking till you've lost yourself in a daze

Dressing up not for yourself, but for an image

Hoping it'll cause all the boys to scrimmage

Because without their utmost attention

There's too little to stop your apprehension

You'll come to terms with the little games you play,

That alone is enough to numb your mind through the day

You know you deny yourself to uphold your persona

Your seductive eyes scorch the earth like the sun's corona

You burn your prey with a molten heat,

Luring in those who are blind to conceit

I can see you as I peer through the looking glass

Lying in wait to see if these traits will come to pass

Seductress, give up on your games, let yourself flourish instead,

As I'd rather see you be yourself before you drink yourself dead.

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