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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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I hope everyone enjoys these bc they're actually my heart


In the darkest of times,

I know I can turn to you

Shake me down for my nickels and dimes,

Let your mind erode my view

What tainted secrets do those floral eyes hide

Torn away from the past, without a guide

Did they beat you and break you?

Did they treat you like a slut?

All I want is the truth to come through

But it quickly dissolves, from your mind it's been cut

A mechanism for safety, a way to feel free

Though your soul is caught in a raging black sea

I don't recall what you said back then

What I do know is that while we may just be friends

I care like a lover, I'll be here time and time again

So if you ever feel like looking back through the lens

I'll listen and weep,

To all of the secrets you keep

The voices that'll stay,

Till you're empty and gray

Broken deeply in the past,

I'll attempt to make amends

To demons still unsurpassed,

From this mortal coil you'll transcend.

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