Redemption of a Lost Love
Redemption of a Lost Love stories

a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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A very personal poem about the Sunflower Girl and the girl who came before

Redemption of a Lost Love

The sunshine in your eyes fades to gray,

As the ecstacy you give begins to rot and decay

Brought on strong by a flame from the past

How long did you think your lies would last?

She'd known you long before me,

Before we'd cast her away to the sea

You deduced that she'd be gone forever

Meant to keep the secret of your true endeavor

But one day I watched her wash ashore

So I went up to settle our score

She showed me how easy it is to put up a guise

To sit back and rule on a throne of lies

She knew what you did, as she was the first

However, with time, her demeanor reversed

She regretted what she did way back then

She blamed herself for that heartbreaking sin

Her light brown eyes reflected her worth,

Heigtened at last by the gift of birth

She showed me a lust you couldn't provide

One that existed without a divide

She proved that your blazing eyes

Held close the secret of your lies

So, then look upon me standing tall and weep

That my heart is no longer yours to keep.

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