Pure Beauty
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Pure Beauty

You bear the allure of an oriental rock garden

Striking a sharp contrast between the stagnant state of the rocks

To the calming pitter-patter of water flowing from a bamboo fountain

A true purity trapped behind an abundance of locks

Bewilderment is summoned by the sunlight that peers through your eyes

Caught in a retina, the light begins to fade away

What if it was me that brought about your demise?

I pray that I won't live to see that day

When all of that grandeur falls from your youthful cheek

The day your beautiful skin begins to wrinkle from the menthols

Or when you drink till you lose that succubi physique

Crippling yourself under the weight of your own potential

Recognize beauty where it appears, that's what I'll always say

It encompasses your whole being, from the locks of your thick black hair

To your eyes, that disguise themselves as the break of day

Or the shape of your body, to which I couldn't help myself but to stare.

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