Oval-Shaped Collarbones
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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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A drunken rampage sets the mood astray Locked inside a mind so grey

Oval-Shaped Collarbones

A drunken rampage sets the mood astray

Locked inside a mind so grey

From sunflower eyes come a melancholic stare

The voices in her head far from fair

A sharp psyche, molded and twisted

By a devil in the guise of a god

Fear and pain rose in her head, enlisted

The emotions deatached had left her flawed

But she drank through the pain

Pushed away by the vain

Who would think that she drank

To lose sight of her rank

Yet still they speak in her head and they say

Its over for you and you cant get away

Drink all you want, you'll never forget

The taste of his lips or the smell of his sweat

Maybe the feeling you miss most of all

Was the feeling you really meant something at all

Or the rush of the new

How it felt with you

I see it and weep

As you're not just a sheep

But a goat with the mind of a shrink

As long as i can remember youve made me think

Of places I'll go and the people I'll meet

Of new things I'll see every day

Till my hair fades to grey

I'll remember the way you smile and laugh

And how you feel like a second half

The feeling of you

Is the feeling of new

The shape of your body carved by the stars

Your Oval shaped collarbones burn my eyes like cigars

I've never known what it's like to die

Till I felt the stare of your blooming eye.

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