Opposing Forces
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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I hate writing descriptions I don't know what to say here

Opposing Forces

Encapsulated in the idea that you're my polar opposite

My pungent emotions I'll have to moderate

Striking a sharp contrast between your cold demeanor

Pleading that you answer when I ring your reciever

For the sound of your voice brings nostalgia

Soft enough to transfer my soul to valhalla

Quiet enough to shatter the monotony of silence

An unannounced motive to destroy, one you've down to a science

That's what you bring everywhere you go,

The willpower to make anything a show

Without the need for lights, camera, action

The art form you compare closest to is abstraction

For no matter how much I discover, there's always more out of reach

The truth could be at my fingertips, but I feel as though it's your heart I'll never breach

Beaten to the ground so far back in the past

So negative energy is all you could possibly amass

It's trapped there inside of you, with no clear way free

If only your recovery could be initiated by my decree

I'd have picked you back up onto your feet so long ago

To pull you away from yourself before your heart was entrenched in snow.

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