Not Worth the Time
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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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This one took me forever. I hope you all enjoy it!

Not Worth the Time

They think of me as a sweet delight

A drug to take to uplift their night

They confidently use me as they see fit

Thinking they can outmatch my wit

They'll take their time to toil and plot

Conjuring ways to misguide my thought

Disguising themselves as the ultimate prize

While the things that they say are riddled with lies

They are the ones that imitate care

When all they want is to signal despair

Hearts that were frozen, lost in the past

Looking to sever my soul with a blast

All of them crave the love I provide

as well as the gifts that true love implied

Yet they turn away and give nothing back

Effortlessly acting like an amnesiac

Forgetting that what I give takes two

Well, I'm not only here to bring you up when you're blue

To listen to all of your whims and obey

You expect it all, without a delay

Do I look like I'm but a mere slave?

I won't simply lie down here and behave

My eyes open wide for me to see

How deceitful and manipulative that you can be

Your endless desire for more I've cut dry

I have determined that your end is nigh

My heart is a fierce lion of war

And it's about time I settled the score

For you could never hold a candle to me

So I'm sorry to leave like this milady

But a drug like me holds no delight

For a frozen old heart too far from sunlight

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