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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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All I ever write bout is love tbh

Here's to You

You all see a farce inside these lines

Where I refer to things that are less than divine

Speaking of a cold, stalwart killer

Appearing in the form of a womanly pillar

One of beauty, pain and wit,

That of which I can't seem to quit

A knife in the back, A lost soul without guidance?

But if you knew the truth that thought was be subject to subsidence

For while she may be cold, she attends with irregular care

As there is a love locked deep behind that icy stare

Expression for her is often a feat

For when she was young her heart did retreat

Locked in a cage of confusion and hate

Nobody even knew she was out so late

Losing her mind with him, but suddenly it was gone

Now she takes a shot every morning before dawn

So am I to blame her for what she lacks intimately?

When her mind was so diluted in her inonnency?

I don't think I can help but to loan her my sympathy

For it's not just a matter of chivalry

Love to you is like an hallucinatory oasis in a scorching desert

You're more accustomed to being tossed aside like the dirt

It taught you young that you could only survive on your own

So to even your closest, your mental storms shall stay unknown

It's for the best, said your head to your heart

If they knew it would only tear them apart

I see what you've always meant to intend

So let these lines make amends

I don't see you as a ethereal goddess, or demonic succibi

But a lost soul that needs some form of guide

So I'm here for whenever the day comes when you may need

A comfortable home where you may recede.

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