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a_thing_amajig17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Dreams of Us

On a lonesome night before I retire

I picture us at the head of an empire

While as leaders, cruel and unjust

No simple peasant could ever aspire to our lust

For the finest in life, to collect everything under our rule

Going as far as to collect every last jewel

With your wit and my determination

We could end the world in a storm of damnation

Flame to melt the ice and flood the earth with water

A fine-tuned machine designed to slaughter

I can picture all of that, we'd have it all

If only it was I who had you as my thrall

Maybe if you could picture it with me

Then you might think deep enough to be able to see

The intricasies and intimacies we share are far from normal

For the length I've known you has become to feel sempiternal

I now know you've been in many of my lives before

You've always been a constant in my soul's grimoire

So that's why I'll always atttempt to inquire

If you can hear my heart echo out to you like a harmonious choir

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