Becoming Myself Again
Becoming Myself Again stories

a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Just another poem about a girl

Becoming Myself Again

Lost inside a burning cage, I leap down into the fire

The one that burns as hot as rage, brighter than my funeral pyre

For I have sinned, bound to cast away my affinity

All for the idea that we could maintain divinity

I can't believe that I mistook you for a remedy

While I'd been wandering aimlessly following a siren's meledy

But as my eyes open wide to reveal the truth,

I remember who I've grown to be since my youth

Compassion and empathy flourish within me,

While you appear to be ice cold, barren and empty

That's not what I need to subject myself to

Especially with someone as dangerous as you

No matter what cards you have in your hand

I'll sit down and and bury my shell in the sand

For it is too hard for your will to shatter,

My surefire cure for any disaster

As I dig my claws down into the shore,

I feel my personality begin to restore.

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