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a_thing_amajig 17 yr old astrology crazed poet from MN
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Lil thing I just came up with


Is there any sense in me trying to stunt your pointless debate?

No, I'd rather lay back and let your vocal chords gyrate

While your words used to lock me up like an inmate on death row,

I now stand tall in front of you, while you hold nothing over me, not even a shadow.

So speak all you want, but know your words will fall on deaf ears

Now that you've left a mark on my life that'll persist for years

Maybe when none of your peers will hear you out, you'll have a reason to ponder what you did,

As you've taken advantage of a heart that was devout, with those piercing knives you hid behind your eyelids

I'd tried to keep myself off the grid to run from this problem

Kept my opinions to myself and attached my demeanor to something more solemn

But when you've treated a man wrong, don't expect a damn love song

For I'd rather inhale my pain and show myself that I'm strong

Because I don't need a lover to realise my capabilities

I've got a plethora of reasons to trust in my abilities

A track record of heartbreak is nothing more then a poor strain of luck

It's no reason to allow myself to get stuck

Being nostalgic might have it's perks, but I don't need to tint my glasses for you

As a rose to represent your persona is unfitting, of that much I can construe

Out of all the things I put up with to aquire your love

You've quickly become the thing I'm the most sick of.

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