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TW- for blood, SH, and depression. Jeff is upset at Ben, for more than one reason.
My HC- //Ben is immortal and doesn't age (he's 20) and Jeff became a proxy so his age is stuck at 22//


TW- for blood, SH, and depression.

Don't you ever just get that burning sensation in your heart when you see the person of your dreams with someone else?

Yeah, you probably do, it's a common occurrence and one that Jeff knows all too well. Jeff here was jealous of a little blonde girl who took his place as Ben's significant other.

He hated every single moment he had to interact with this girl, let alone see her with Ben.

Every day that they cuddled, kissed, and did other vile things- Jeff was almost always there, watching, waiting with a burning hatred for this girl.

He knew one day he would snap, and it was coming soon.

Jeff angrily pushes himself away from the couch he was sitting on, at the moment little blonde bitch here was cuddling with the elf on the couch,

he couldn't contain the bitter feelings he felt in his throat so instead of embarrassing himself there, he got up to leave.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Ben asks, noticing the male's attitude as he's walking away, still cuddled up with the girl.

"Nothing, shut up" Jeff replies as tears are beginning to form in his unblinking eyes. His face beginning to feel hot from the embarrassment.

He quickly flicked hair in his face and made his way to his room. Once he got there he slammed his door his emotions getting the best of him.

Falling against the door heavily, he sobs, it wracked his body as the shaking started. He slowly slid to the floor holding himself as pain gripped his heart painfully.

He flipped his hood on then crawled, still sobbing towards his nightstand where a razor blade lay in wake.

He snatches it and sneers, tears falling down his cheeks into the permanent smile he had.

"Pathetic! pathetic! pathetic!" he mutters to himself, pushing up his sleeves to make sloppy cuts all along his pale wrists.

Once he was done he watched blankly as blood dripped down his arms onto his hoodie making new stains over old ones.

His eyes started to get blurred by tears again, he couldn't blink them away so instead he let them fall, then stood up shakily. Still wanting to cry, scream, and die- all at once.

He stumbled into the bathroom and grabbed a first aid kit from the cabinet.

"Fuck.." he mumbles, washing off the blood from his wrist. After he's done with that he pours some alcohol over it. Hissing in pain his eyes form more tears.

He shakes his head then wraps his wrist and arm in the gauze and bandages in the medkit.

"I can't keep doing this, I just need to face facts. He's never going to love me. this is karma." Jeff states, looking in the mirror, all puffy-eyed with disheveled hair.

He laughs, it comes out of nowhere. He continues this for only a few seconds.

"I'm so pathetic, I can't even get over a dumb ass crush." He snorts, "I am JEFF THE KILLER.

I'm supposed to be untouchable, unbeatable, but here I am, crying and almost killing myself for some stupid ELF.

" He yells out and slams his fist into the mirror all at once, frustrated, sad, and in pain.

He obviously cracks it, and the pieces fall into the sink, and blood begins dripping down his fist, onto the broken mirror, and sliding down.

He starts crying again but this time, he lays on the ground, not caring about his wound. He curls up in a ball, shaking, from pain, heartbreak, everything.

"I'm so done" He whispers to himself as tears fall down his face. He laid there all night, his energy being taken away by the pain.


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