Friendzone a Ben x Jeff poem
Friendzone a Ben x Jeff poem ben drowned stories

a_smol_turtle a shigaraki and Iida kinnie all in one
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Jeff tells the depressing story of Ben not loving him back.

Friendzone a Ben x Jeff poem

When the sun sets

And the moon shines

I sit alone, the sky my only comfort

Crispy winter air burns my nostrils

My heart aches for the one whom I can't have

My unblinking eyes glance towards the moon

Envying it for having the stars for company

Memories of the one I couldn't have played through my mind

Our videogames

Our hunting

Our killing

Our teasing

I love him but he doesn't love me

He's in love with the girl I left

Just to win his heart back over

"Let's just stay friends, we're better like that" he had said

He ignored me

Left me

Forgot about me

Just for her.

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