Ben drowned x Jeff the killer
Ben drowned x Jeff the killer 
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When Ben and Jeff have been spending less time together Ben goes to investigate why...

Ben drowned x Jeff the killer

Well, this goes against two headcanons that ben is 16 and jeff is 16/17. Jeff just turned 19 and ben is 18.

Silence. That was the thing Jeff was often left in, by himself, no one around, only left with his thoughts. And oh boy were they a mess at times.

An example is: The raven-haired male had always denied the fact that he was in fact gayer than gay itself, well he was bisexual but he wasn't gonna get into it or that he was in fact,

in love with his best friend. Ben drowned, or "that weird guy from the Zelda game".

Yeah, Jeff knew that Ben was probably not into him, but unbeknownst to the smile child, the short elf with the soft temperament was in fact 'into' him.

Now Ben was completely different, he was always upbeat, cheerful, but mostly shy.

He didn't talk to a lot of the other mansion members and spent most of his time playing super smash bros or Mario kart.

He did try to invite Jeff to play, but the male just seemed to be in his own world as of late.

As Ben gets up, stretching a bit he decides it would be a sickeningly sweet idea for him to go mess with his crush. He giggled teleporting to Jeff's room through the tv.

He stayed there for a moment though, wanting to see if the now 19-year-old Male was doing anything..interesting.

But as he inspected the room, Jeff was curled up on his bed, a soft sigh escaping his lips. Ben frowned, he'd been doing this for a while he guessed.

He goes through the tv all the way landing gracefully on the ground.

"Jeffy" he teases knowing the older male hated that nickname. When he doesn't respond his frown deepens.

"Jeff.." he calls out again this time serious.

Jeff still doesn't respond and ben sighs and climbs up onto the bed and pushes Jeff onto his back gently, the male not making any moves to protest for a moment.

"What're you doing dude," Jeff's hoarse voice asks, curious, but strained. Like he was holding back tears. Ben didn't respond, laying down next to the pale male he pulled Jeff to him.

Jeff instinctively put his arm around Ben, but blushed lightly and went to move his arm

"I- er sor-"

Ben interrupts him, grabbing his arm and putting it back to where it had been.

"Don't be sorry, I wanted you to do that" he snuggles his way into Jeff's chest, giggling lightly. More heat rushes to Jeff's face, and he feels his heart flutter towards happiness.

After a while of silent cuddling, Ben breaks the silence

"So...Jeff, you've been upset for a while what's wrong?"

Jeff responds quickly, his stomach knotting up "nothing to be worried about, just uhh family trauma?"

"I don't believe that, I've known you for too long." The elf replies narrowing his eyes at the paler male. Jeff chuckled sadly.

"I don't know Ben, I'm just lost I suppose. I've been left by myself to think for a while and I just came to a striking realization"

"And that would be?"

"I'm in love with someone"

Ben's face grows stone-cold and his face serious. Jealousy radiating off of every aspect of his being.

"Oh..yeah? And who is this lucky person?" He asks looking up to the male, his face blank.

"Oh uhm, you probably wouldn't know them" Jeff responds taking his eyes off Ben. He feels the energy coming from the elf, but doesn't understand its jealousy.

Ben growls under his breath making Jeff furrow his brows slightly.

"Well. I think I should have a talk with this person." Ben says through gritted teeth, his heart feeling like it was going to shatter.

"Well, Ben..." Jeff starts to protest when the elf takes hold of the raven-haired male's hoodie and pulls him close to his face.

"Whoever the FUCK you like. Better treat you right. Because let me tell you something, Jeffrey." The elf pauses taking a breath, then continues.

"I liked you, I wanted to be with you, I loved you.

But I guess you like someone else so have fun with them" he lets go of the hoodie and teleports away, bloody tears beginning to fall down his cheeks.

Jeff sits there, stunned at the elf's actions. 'Woah what the hell just happened' he thought to himself.

He decided to go to Ben's room maybe he'd be there; he got up and headed to his room to find the door locked, pretty obviously. Jeff knocked lightly

" the door, we need to talk," he says quietly, his heart doing little flips and turns as he hears sniffling and the slight patters of the elves boots on the floor.

Not a moment later the door is opened revealing Ben, his bloody tears smeared on his face.

"Hi..." he mumbles gripping the door rather tightly. Jeff doesn't hesitate before picking the elf up and slamming the door behind him.

At this point, Ben's legs were around Jeff's hips as they wrap their arms around each other in a tight embrace

"I love you too dumbass" Jeff states hiding his face in Ben's soft blonde hair.

"R-really?" The elf states, gripping the back of jeffs hoodie nervously

"Of course I do," Jeff says, looking at the elf now. He smiled once before giving him a small kiss on the nose and wiping the smeared blood off his face.

"Now come on, let's go clean you up"

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