The Father's Foot Steps
The Father's Foot Steps fathers-day-2020 stories

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A Father's Love.

By: A.S. Thetic

The Father's Foot Steps

by A.S. Thetic

A father and son would take a hike every winter up a mountain to a special cabin they called "The resting place" where they would stay all winter long.

On the first trip up the young boy followed his father in the deep of snow. The boy tried to push through the snow but is unable to go anywhere.

The father tells him "Walk in my foot prints, step where I step, and there is less resistance"

The little boy begins jumping from footprint crater to footprint crate, trying not to have to walk through the resistance of the deep snow.

The boy kept falling because the Father's footstep craters were too far apart. The dad looks behind him and sees his son keep falling and getting back up again. The boy was covered in snow.

The dad walks in smaller strides so the boy can leap easier between the footprint craters left by him in the snow.

The boy finally says "Dad, I am tired from jumping and cold from falling. I just can't go anymore."

The father picks him up and carries him until he once again is able to walk.

Through the years as the boy gets older and more experienced the Father is able to take longer strides and the boy is able to follow.

The boy as a teenager tries to walk his own path in the snow but the father insist "Son, walk the path I make with my steps, it will be easier for you."

So even as a young man he follows in his father's footsteps out of habit and because his dad insists, so the son respects his wishes.

Many years later the son is diagnosed with stage four cancer. When winter came and it was time to go to the cabin the son assured his father he still wanted to go.

He said he desired to live his last days at the cabin, a place special to him.

On this last journey, when on the final mile, he told his father he couldn't walk anymore.

His dad said "I will carry you, as I have done many times in the past."

The son responds, "You are too old, the snow is deep, and the storm is too strong. Also, I am no longer a child."

The son fallen in the cold requests, "Dad, just leave me here to die, this is close enough."

The father responded "You will always be my child. I could never bear to leave you here to die.

I promised you we were going to the resting place and I refuse to leave you.

Even if I have to die myself, I will carry you." The Father then carried his son the rest of the way to his final home.

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