To The Person I Love
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a_r_thomas The Bookish Hobbit
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This is for the daily prompt "Person" enjoy!

To The Person I Love

To the person I love When we departed Ever so long ago I felt abandoned and so alone

I held your cold hand Watching as the lines flattened Touching your cheek As my tears glistened them.

To the person I love Will you be by my side? I’m about to walk this lonely road Into the great and forbidden unknown.

Could you be my guide On this cold and frightening night? Where stars no longer shine And the moon no longer sings.

To the person I love I can feel myself fading My eyes grow heavy The world now swirling.

I look to my side And see Death with his scythe His face hidden behind the shadows Of all who have walked this lonely road before.

To the person I love I cannot hold on anymore Death whispers that it’s okay To let go of the world I know.

He is now my source of comfort For He promises me salvation From this broken body of mine And this shattered heart that grows still.

To the person I love I finally see the light I hear your voice beckoning to me Tears flood my vison.

I love you! Oh how I love you so! Take me home to our Father For I only want to be with you forever more.

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