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Hello everyone, this a poem personal to me. Ever other month or so, one of my PMS symptoms is becoming very down. One of my down thoughts is that no one actually likes me, and everyone is pretending they do.

This causes great distress and my mind crawls into a dark place. My inner thoughts tell me I'm a failure, and why I suck. This is not all the time, but it is very hard to keep a smile on my face when my heart is broken. I hope everyone who experiences these PMS symptoms has a good support system to get them through.

Perfect Angel

The world sees me As a precious little angel.

Perfect big blue eyes filled with love An innocent youthful face full of yearning A soul bright and filled with hope What would they say if it were a lie?

Those same blue eyes filled with tears As darkness clouds my mind within An inner fight with myself That little voice whispers My world is filled with lies Love is only for the foolish.

My youthful face full of innocence Used as a disguise to hide away The fear that cripples me inside That people smile and show me love For their amusement and I am but a spectacle.

A soul bright and filled with hope Dimmed from what the world has shown me A wicked heart filled with selfishness For I desperately keep those I love close.

A crumbling fool I may be For I’m not the perfect angel I’m supposed to be.

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