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This poem discusses the effects of alcoholism and abuse while using the work of the day "books"

A Storybook Romance

It started with just a glance

Between my sky blues

And your earthy hues

You and I two of a kind Our souls like one

We used to laugh into the night Chat about our lives until midnight Dinner was a blast Paving way for a future We hopes would last.

Down the aisle we went Your mother crying My father had a tight smile As he gave me away I couldn’t see then What you hid inside

You were my one and only A prince charming Like in storybooks Caught me when I fell But that all soon went to hell.

It started with just one can A beer a day keeps the doctor away We joked until anger seeped in A mean old bastard was who I got Where did my prince charming go?

One day I had enough Stole away the can the last of A battered twelve-pack I saw black and blue then.

The stars sparkled before my eyes Shooting through the universe I’m sure I’m dead that much is true I guess fairy tales are all lies .

Because I hate this prince charming of mine.

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