A Rainy Day
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We all have them. This is for today's daily prompt. Sorry it had been a few days college started again and I've been at work.

A Rainy Day

The sky was once a clear blue The sun a golden hue It birthed the vibrant greens Of grass that tickled my feet.

I felt alive then as a child Running through the tall grass The wind whispered in my ear Promising things I yearned to hear.

Slowly, ever so slowly As I grew tall like a lonely weed I looked up to the sky And watched the once clear blue Cloud with various shades of gray

No need to shade my eyes Away from the golden hue I used to giggle with glee As I looked towards it.

At first it seemed okay The clouds formed into funny shapes

A dancing dog...

A Lazy Cat...

A man with a sailor's cap...

Then those funny shapes faded away Turned into something far too gray My mind grew cloudy as the wind Now howled in my ears Told me things I didn’t want to hear.

Rain pelted down on me My eyes blurred with tears Racing down my cheeks Hoping to hit the pavement first

Lightning flashed in the sky Blinded me with internal hatred As thunder bellowed its hurtful phrases The world around me seemed to flood With self-loathing I’ve come to allow.

However, the storm shall pass As it always does But it is never too far away The sun plays peek-a-boo With the clouds I try to keep at bay.

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