ranking blue lives that matter
ranking blue lives that matter  political stories
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a_nothingness23 i'm so tired
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yeth <3

ranking blue lives that matter

just my political view, no hate please <3

avatar i only watched the movie once and it was really boring, plus i don't remember it so... 2//10

stitch omg i luv him so much, he's literally so cute- 9//10

james p. sullivan he's so sweet, i also luv him <3 10//10

sad very relatable character 9.5//10

smurfs a big part of my childhood, still watch them to this day 7//10

stoner caterpillar he scared me as a child, but alice in wonderland still makes me so happy to this day 5//10

pocoyo he was my CHILDHOOD i luv him so much <3<3<3 11//10

blues clues luv that show, very fun 8//10

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