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Just a girl living alone, stuck with a spirit of some sort of her dead boyfriend, but Simba, her kitty, seems to always be there.

▲ A broken mind and heart ▲

by: Mia

Chapter one.

I stepped into the shower, flinching as my feet touched the cold tiled floor. My mind was in a million pieces, each one filled with memories.

I turned the knob, old and metallic, thousands of droplets of water darkened my blond hair trickling down my back. I let my eyes fall shut as the steam calms my body.

I caress my arms careful not to touch the cuts and bruises that scattered my body. Leaning against the cold wall my legs threaten to buckle under my weight.

The shower curtain is ripped back, not even bothering to open my eyes. I let the water massage my sore muscles.

"Ciara." James sighs, the exhaustion clear in his voice. "What are you doing?"

I open my eyes just enough to see his worried expression. "Standing here."

His concerned expression flashs down my body at every cut and bruise.

"Ciara...Oh, honey." I watch him as the water runs over my body like a waterfall.

Slowly I raise a hand and cup his cheek, leaning close to kiss him gently, afraid that I might somehow hurt him.

Feeling his hands glide over my water slick body, pulling me close to him, ignoring the fact that I was naked and wet. He pulls me deeper into the kiss.

I open my eyes gasping for air, noticing my fantasy, or memory? Ever since James drowned in the lake I've been having more vivid fantasies of him and I.

Reluncically, I turn the old knob once again and watch the water slowly drain. I pull the curtain open and cold air hits my skin.

My body begs for coverage, grabbing a towel, I dry most of my body off and blot/squeeze my hair working my way down to the tips.

Watching myself carefully through the mirror I half expect for someone to bang on the door behind me. I jump to the sound of the upstairs neighbors muffled moans.

Throwing my towel carelessly on the floor I hold the brass door knob in hand, afraid of what would await on the other side.

The door creaked open and I met Simba, my black cat, purring contently. I scoop him up and head to the kitchen. Setting him on the table I find James closing the fridge.

He walked up to me slowly and pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around me. I sunk into his warmth, considering I was still naked.

His arms seemed to secure me, I squeezed him back not wanting this moment to end for I knew it was only my imagination.

Simba's old purr sounds like a chainsaw as he rubs his fur against my legs, snapping me back to reality. Fuck. I bend down to pet him, he arches his back, closing his eyes.

I kiss his small head and grab a glass from the dish rack, It's still wet from earlier's washing. I fill it with ice and water and chug it, it slips from my hand and shatters on the wooden flooring.

Simba jumps down from his resting spot and runs over to me.

"No! Simba go away, I don't want you to get hurt." I quickly hop over the glass stepping on a couple small shards. I pick Simba up and set him on the couch.

"Stay." Grabbing a broom I sweep up the mess and throw the glass into a garbage bag. I slump to the floor and sigh in defeat finding Simba at my side.

He wheezes and purrs his chainsaw like purr.

I get up and walk up the stairs to my bed throwing on a simple t-shirt, Simba follows just a couple steps behind me,

(It's more of a mattress with wood panels under it) flopping onto my bed I curl up in the cool smooth light blue comforter.

Simba crawls over to me, stepping carefully, he lays against my stomach and I let his little purrs and wheezes drift me off to sleep.

Quick note: ah if you made it to the end, lmk er lemme know if you'd like me to continue. Sorry for adding this to the end, but I really hope you enjoyed this. It's a bit different, Ik ah I know, I just don't want to always be such a fucking depressed teen on here, yk? As always, thank you for giving my story a chance.

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