The lie

                          The lie lies-2018 stories

a_mile_southNot all who wander are lost
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Everyone has that lie

The lie

We all have that one lie That haunts us as we sleep. You know the lie, the one that is forever in the back of your mind. Everyone’s lie is different. Mine? Well, thats a long story.

Some people’s lies are simple, not important, run of the mill. Mine? Mine would put me in jail, mine would get me killed. But everyone’s lies are for a good reason. Mine? Mine keeps my loved one safe, mine protects his heart and his life.

Some people tell the truth after a while. Me? I won’t ever tell a soul. Some people’s lies get caught. Mine? Mine will never be heard. Lies break some people. Me? I will never break.

Lies should never be told especially if they are mine...

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