Olaf has Athletes Foot
Olaf has Athletes Foot

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a_dancerow Community member
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A few years back I was challanged to write a poem about a silly topic. My friends generated topics and this one kind of popped.
Written in the form of a short children's story. I hope you all enjoy the silliness.

Olaf has Athletes Foot

I stumbled upon some shoes made of snow. They were a little cold, but I had to go. So i slipped them on with no time to spare. Because i had no other shoes to wear.

I played sports all day, Without any socks. Hit a ball with a bat, and skipped some rocks. I had a fun day with only one flaw, By the end of the day, The shoes smelt raw. So i put them back and ran away. But guess who i ran into the very next day.

With a big happy smile, and a carrot nose. I saw the shoes he was wearing and i froze. There was green all over, inside and out and i think a mushroom was ready to spout.

I wanted to tell him, I was going to too. then I thought of what he would do if he knew. I thought of his hugs so cold and so rough, and was scared to think if his nice turned to tough.

So i left him a note, just simple put olaf has athletes foot.

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