Gullible Poet By Zachariah
Gullible Poet

By Zachariah  gullible stories

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Gullible Poet - By Zachariah Holmes 7/9/2019

Gullible Poet By Zachariah

Look at me when you act down Cause I'll judge you Before you can even look at me Perhaps I'm just evil Looking down upon a peasant That's dumber than me.

You look at me And you're so envious Can't relate to me No matter as hard you try too You'll forgive me For absolutely no reason.

Now that I got your lucid mind Controlled by me only Since you've been looking at me Envious to my mind Let me inside of your depravity So I can only relate.

Just took your heart Since I can easily relate to you With your hazel eyes That we both look at each other Realizing our destiny Shared between our lucid minds We love to write together.

So follow me And see my own creations Created for you Since I'm crazy for your eyes And your own Works that you'll share With me only.

Tricked you by your gullible side Taken over by me I've taken all of your lyric poetry Since I love it too much You're panicking since I've ran away From your first lover.

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