Seven Minutes
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_xander_walker The hero of the book in my head.
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Seven minutes changed the world for Jason and Lucas.

Seven Minutes

I couldn't believe the moment was here, that it was really happening. My breathing was heavy, I could feel my mouth start to water, I couldn't control the heaving of my chest.

I could feel my veins grow with excitement. The mixture of adrenaline, fear and desire all swirled in my head, the feeling was intoxicating.

Jason was just inches across from ne now, I could feel the breeze of his heavy, warm breath. It smelled of cinnamon and sugar.

I'm glad he took the consideration of popping a stick of gum before our encounter, or whatever this moment was.

His eyes were vivid like deep pools of gold and amber. His thick eyelashes framing them perfectly with black curls. He had this wry smile highlighted by his adorable chubby cheekbones.

It was a face I absolutely couldn't say no to. A face I had adored for so long. A face I may finally get to kiss.

His licked his parted lips to moisten them in anticipation. They were insanely thick and had this maroon to brown tint to them.

You would think he had painted them from a youtube tutorial, and maybe he did. But damn it they looked enticing.

There we were, both kneeling on the floor in the tight dark space. My knees were only covered by my thin mesh gym shorts and the stiff carpet was starting to irritate them. But I didn't care.

I was staring into the eyes of the years long object of my desire, and he was staring right back. Waiting, hoping, that one of us would have the balls to act on the tension between us.

Trembling slightly I raised my right hand to caress his shoulder. Feeling the soft cotton of his bright pink t-shirt. His shoulder was surprisingly firm but the skin underneath still felt soft.

He returned the gesture by gripping onto my forearm. His thumb brushing against the thin black hairs against my hazelnut skin. He giggled when the goosebumps started to rise.

The sound broke the tension just enough and I made my move. Cupping the back of his neck with my left hand I leaned in. I closed my eyes tight, pressed my mouth against his and I saw stars.

His arms dropped to his side. Then he leaned into my mouth, gripping my side tight with one hand and gripping the curls on my head with another. His lips were thick, soft and welcoming.

Feeling his warm body against mine woke up every cell in my body. We were connected in every sense. The build up paying off in a wave of awesomeness rippling through our bodies.

I pulled him tighter, wrapping my arms around him, lifting us up on our knees as I desperately kissed him, unsure of how long this moment would last.

My mind raced with thoughts of every passing glance, every word of small talk we had exchanged, every secretly shared laugh.

This was the culmination of all those moments in this intense moment of lust, angst and excitement.

He nibbled at my lip a bit and I let out a whimper. And just like that he was in the driver's seat.

He pressed harder against me and I started to lean back, suddenly I was laying back, with my heels pressing into me.

I was gripping his shoulders as his tongue started to part pass my lips and tangle with mine.

My boxer briefs started to get tight as I got caught up in releasing the little bit of the control I had.

His giggle against my mouth made the tip of my nose tickle and I smiled against his lips. I pulled back a bit to get another look at his amber eyes. His look was hungry, and a little wistful.

Its as if we both realized together how brief and fleeting this moment was.

Once my ears stopped ringing with the blood rushing through them I started to regain a sense of my surroundings. I could hear the countdown on the other side of the closet.

Almost as quickly as we had embraced I pushed away from Jason, wiped my mouth and adjusted my hair and clothes.

Three! Two! One! Shouted the voices on the other side, and a moment later the door was thrust open and light spilled into the tight space nearly blinding Jason and Eye.

I shielded my eyes as they adjusted to the light and let out a chuckle, joining the laughing crowd now looking at the two guys they had forced to play "seven minutes in heaven."

"So did you do it Lucas? Did you kiss your girlfriend Jason here?" Mike laughed as he nudged my shoulder.

My cheeks were starting to burn with embarrassment and I was so grateful no one could see me blush.

"Boy please!" Jason chimed in.

"I'm too much of a bad bitch for some dork in a tank top, gym shorts and what are those? New Balance? Get his dirty fingers near me?!" He said rolling his eyes, but still keeping that wry smile.

"Yeah, I couldn't make it happen bro, just can't force myself to switch teams. Little luke is still limp as a noodle.

" I joked, grabbing myself, praying that the swelling bulge under my shorts had gone down. I grabbed the cup out of Mike's hand and chugged.

"Alright man! Can we go to the porch and get lit now?" I said pushing mike towards the back of the house.

As I strolled away I turned to take one last glance at Jason out the corner of my eye.

I'm pretty sure I saw the corner of his mouth turn up before he turned back to the girls he came to the party with to probably tell them how much of an ass I am.

And I did feel like an ass, but knowing he didn't totally hate me gave me a bit of comfort.

I spent the rest of the night keeping my distance from him, but my mind did everything but.

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