My First Love Story Part 4

           My First Love Story 

                          Part 4 love stories

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I apologize for delay but hope you will like it because love is flourishing in both side......
Is it?????

My First Love Story Part 4

“I LOVE YOU” were the words that Vishal wrote in ink on Dhriti’s hand but these words hurt me like hell. The only soothing scene was to see her rubbing her hand to remove those words.

A few days passed, Dhriti tried to avoid Vishal as much as possible. But he was tempted to see her whenever possible. I was sad as she was not much joyful as usual but was happy that she did not like him.

With each passing day I was more and more comfortable talking to her. I talked to her about everything and she was also opening up about herself.

It was time of Science Fair. Dhriti being good student was busy in making the Mathematics project. I was also part of the team. We worked in an empty classroom along with other teams. Vishal used to come to see her sometimes.

One fine day, we were working there. I went to classroom for some work. I saw Vishal coming. He was approaching towards the room where models were being made. I could not think about anything I just wanted to protect Dhriti, my Dhriti.

I ran towards that room. I opened the door and saw her sitting alone and talking with others who were there. I went near her and sat on bench with her. She was confused. I saw her hand kept on table. I raised my hand and held her hand.

Her hand was so soft that it melted in my hand. My hand could feel the warmth of hers. They were really smooth and that little touch gave me electric shocks, my heart was beating really fast. She gave a shocked expression to me.

Suddenly, the door opened and Vishal stood there. He looked at us, he saw our hands. I could see anger on his face. He turned red. He looked at her and gave a side smile. Finally he banged the door and left.

She understood what I did. She sighed out of relief and smiled, I loved that smile. I was very happy. She then said thank you to me and I replied that no need. Next few days went merrily. She was really happy as Vishal was no longer following her.

We are playing ‘Truth and Dare’ in free class. The bottle turned to her, she chose dare. Her friends gave her dare to share a cold drink with me using two straws. Dhriti being Dhriti could not say no to any challenge.

I was happy but I did not want to make her uncomfortable. So, I did not show my happiness. She looked at me and she said, “Would you like to share a cold drink with me?” I said yes. She gestured me to come to sit with her. I went and sat with her.

I was so close. I could see her soft skin much clearly. She smelled really good. Her perfume was driving me crazy. Her beautiful eye had a certain spark. The little nose was so perfect. And finally the mole on her chin. I was lost in her beauty.

Suddenly, Muskan kept the bottle with two straws on table. I recovered from my daydream. I went close and whispered in her ear, “I will just act, you can drink.” Those few seconds of closeness will always be close to me.

I could see her expression changed. The hesitation was no more there and she seemed relieved. That relieved expression gave me immense pleasure. We did the same as decided.

At night I remembered her face. She is so beautiful. Her clear skin that looked even more beautiful when seen from close. She smelled like heaven. I slept while dreaming about her.

The next day, I sat on my seat when she entered, cheerful as usual. She smiled at me and wished “Good Morning”. I replied the same. She said, “Thank you for yesterday, I am glad they asked me to share the drink with you. Thank you again.” I was glad to hear that. She blushed as she said it. I replied, “It’s OK, I am glad that I could help you.” We shared smiles.

Then I asked, “Which perfume do you use? Actually I really liked it.” She laughed and said, “Perfume… Actually I don’t wear any perfume.” I was blown. OMG. She smelled so good naturally. I was a bit embarrassed for the question I asked. Then I said sorry. She just laughed and said, “Let it go. Many others also ask this.”

Many others, I was confused, but it did not bother me much. Anyone can get such doubt, she really smelled so good. She made my day. I was happy that she liked me. The lectures went peacefully.

At the end of last lecture, Dhriti asked me for my book. I gave her the book. She asked if she can return the book tomorrow, I replied with a yes. It is night I am at my hostel bed I am thinking of her. Suddenly I remembered about the letter I wrote for her.

I poured my heart on that piece of paper. I left that inside the book that I gave her. I was heartbroken. I was numb. I felt nausea. I felt sick. I was going to mess up things again. She will never talk to me. These thoughts made me feel embarrassed about me. But I could do nothing. I thought this night never ended.

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