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Welcome to an interactive story!
Two girls, one romance. With a twist!
You! Yes you, get to choose.
Will nella kiss Iris?
Hug her?
Confess love?
It's up to you!!

By: _sunshine

Rainbow Pop

Nella was walking with her friend. They were close...

Iris. She was like, the most pretty, popular girl in school. In contrast to her own white, pale skin-Iris had a tanned figure, beautifully browned. With shorter, curls just reaching her neck.

Blue streaks, making her hair glow like a blueberry, fresh with morning dew. A nice, hour glass figure to.

Nella on the other hand, was the complete opposite.

She was a chubbier girl, with longish red hair, straight. (unlike her H A)

She wore a lot of kidcoreish clothing with blue overalls, thigh high socks-mismatched white and black- and a rainbow long sleeved shirt.

While Iris was preppy, with blue jeans, and a pink top, just inside dress code, complete with a blue butterfly print.

They got to her house for a sleepover. Her parents (for plot convience) were out of town for a buissness trip. She opened the door, closing it after Iris. She sat on the counter.

"Sooo...what do you wanna do?"

Iris leaned against the counter. "Hm...how about truth or dare?"

Nella shrugged. "Sure! You start!"

Iris tapped her chin. "Truth or dare?"


First choice, incoming!

What should Iris dare her?

1- Tell me your crush!

2- Do a cartwheel!

3- Make me a snack!

4- Gimme your best cheesy pickup line.

5- Let me play with your hair!

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