Mini rant :D
Mini rant :D mha stories

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talking about stuff >.<

Mini rant :D

so i've been seeing some posts on 'my opinion on x ships' and it's fine to have an opinion!! but...

i see a lot of ships get called unessacerily toxic, or 'Oh, it gets in the way of my UwU gay bois'. so let's discuss that.

So for starters, multiship, and ship to your heart's content-but get mad that someone is shipping a straight ship? like, it should be 'oh, x and y are cute.' not this nonsense-

"x and y are soulmates!!!!1@1!!!1! z just is ugly and get's in the way *screaming"

Now, the more important thing. Toxic- what is that?

Well, toxic relationships are any relationship- platonic, romantic, anything- where someone or somebody's are harming another person's wellbeing. this goes for mental and physical.

For example- Bakugou- bakugou is rude, but fine paired with most, since he doesn't go to far.

However, a great example of a toxic ship is bakudeku. (here come the hate comments)

TW: mentions of sewer slide on the next slide

Bakugou actively threatens, harms, and has even told izuku to kill himself, more than once. that-is a bad relationship. that is toxic.

so once again,it should be

'Oh, x does things that harm y mentaly or physically, so they're toxic.'

not 'OMG x and z get in the way of x and z being together!!!!!!!!!!!! toxic!!!!!!!1!!!!!111"

i made this to educate-not to call out, so don't feel bad if you see something that looks like you may have posted it-

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