That Cold Evening
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Don't know whether the evening was cold, or the feeling.

That Cold Evening

I had a camera in my hand and was standing in my balcony scoping at birds, strays and capturing the greenery As I was moving my lens, I came across a window I tried to look, but my conscience rushed in and told me not to

I started zooming out but then I caught a glimpse my fingers were no longer in my control as the camera zommed back on those pink lips The voice of my conscience faded away and heart's took over I couldn't stop gazing as I started to capture

Out of all birds, strays and garden butterflies she was something else, something which paralysed my eyes I took a total of three pictures printed them and wrote a message behind each photo of hers

The first one was apologetic, as I wrote I was sorry for not stopping myself from being a stalker

The second one was appreciatory, as I wrote she was so beautiful that her charm could bloom any flower

The third one was questionary, as I wrote my number and asked, wanna be friends and go together through this time?

Next day, I put them in an envelope, kept it at her doorstep went through my photos as I anxiously waited for her message It was a cold evening, and my phone vibrated it brought a smile on my face, as there was message from an unknown number waiting to be read

The message said, "I accept your apology, and cannot stop appreciating your photography." It continued as, "Since we both are stuck in home at this time, how about we start off with a movie date online?"

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