Dog face reveal (coz that makes me unique😂😂)
Dog face reveal (coz that makes me unique😂😂) dog stories

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Some funny incidents with my dog and his face reveal too!!!

Dog face reveal (coz that makes me unique😂😂)

So I have a pet and he is both evil and cute at once!!

Meet Tizen,my world ,my everything ~...~

Yeah that’s what he looks like but now he has grown up😅🙄

So I want to share some incidents with him

1. Once I was eating bun-butter , my mom called me for some work so I left the plate there Tizen was aware that eating from other’s plate is not appropriate. But - He ate a full plate of buns 😂😂😂

2. I had recently been facing problems while studying so I took a day brake from all the work but I forgot to put all my book in my bag and you know what happened!! He tore my English literature class work notebook into bits of paper👀 That was the day I stopped feeding him extra treats.

3. Sometimes I had to prepare food for him so once I was doing the same every day process of preparing the food but what he did was worse than all of the before mentioned, he didn’t eat the food but instead he ate a pack of biscuits I was meant to eat with a glass of milk that day (I never share my biscuits 😑)

4.(this is a good one) I am a stupid girl as always I was walking down the streets with Tizen , he saw a dog who was trying to chase after me , first of all he broke out of the chain I was literally dragging him with and then he ran away . I expected him to come back with injuries,but what instead happened is he fought with that dog for me and nearly broke his bones 😳😳

5. When tizen was a young pup, he hated our home he ran away every day once what happened is I went to a shop alone at nearly six in the evening for some chips stuff , it was dark and I am a blind person (not really , I have blurry vision) I didn’t recognise my dog standing I front of me fighting with a cow😂😂 but when he barked and his face came to light , I screamed “tizu?? What are ya doin here??”Icallhim tizu

That’s all for today //////———— And if want more entertainment then read my episode 2 of something Sunday Its out , u all requested for it but no one us reading it now lol

See ya’

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