Time for a competition!!
Time for a competition!! first competion stories

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please forward it and participate and lots of love to you

Time for a competition!!

so my competition needs daring people,and it will be great fun!!

Its all upto your wish if you want to participate so remember to follow the points which are to be presented below.........

#its all upon you ,if u participate you have tofollow the given rules,otherwise your work will not be accepted

so now its time to reveal the contest!!

so its about sharing any 1 or all 3 of these #bad habbit , the one you need to improve(be honest and i will be helping you) #an adventure of yours #a dream you once got and its always there in your mind or just flashes sometimes

so i know i will get few made up stories but thats ok and yes as soon as you complete the work post it on your account and share the link in the comments of this post coz i will not be counting the likes u got before sharing it to me

I know its a bit strict but..... u know there is a term called equality......soooooo

# so u need to know that you have to choose some impressive words in your post and dont describe it as a story ...narrate it as a tale to make it look......


and now it time for the final things to be told

#you have to submit your work up to 25 nov and the results will be announced on 29 nov

so the way I am going to judge is :

1st prize: the person with the best background gifs and all and words used and the likes on it! the person will get 3 shotouts from me and if i didnt i will follow that winner too

2nd prize: the person with a story that just touches the heart will get second prize in the form of a like on evry post of that person or a comment on any two posts(it would be his or her choice)

3rd prize: so this one will be chosen from the cateogary of lols.....you know those stories thats leave you in laughing tears....and the person on this postion will get a shotout from me .

and please forward this message so that more and more people get to participate and u will get a tough competition....and thats all for today so

bye !! seee you soon on 25th of november

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