Special Sunday (Ep 3 Of Something Sunday )
Special Sunday (Ep 3 Of Something Sunday ) something sunday stories

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Happy International Mother Language Day to you all!!

Special Sunday (Ep 3 Of Something Sunday )

Hello Guys !!

You did a great job by choosing to read the 3rd episode of "Something Sunday"

Today is a Special day thats why I named it " special sunday" So realistic!! I know right, hehe *sitting in a corner questioning my existence*

So , as you know my previous post was a flop , which made me heartbroken *sobbing* So I made something new and it is interesting !! * gasps * " I hope"

Welcome to ................

_The Badki and Chutki Show_

( For non-Indians : The Elder sister's and the younger sister's show) "Yeah I know the english version is pretty weird , but in hindi , its a cool name tho"

"So today I am joined by Badki aka @ze_enigma_write" "Lets start"



"Its an honor for me to interview @ze_enigma_write . Like wow , I never thought I can do so much!!"

"Aw! I am honoured to be here!"

*happy tears* " I hope we will have fun today, its gonna be great , wohoo!!"

" Yeah...... me too"

" So the speciality of this sunday is-"

"International Mother Language Day !! Yeah^^ I am so excited "


"So lets talk about mother languages , My mother language is hindi , What about you Badki?"

" Oh yeah , sorry I was distracted by your pet dog Tizen , he is sooo cute .. my mother tongue is Malayalam"

"ooooh Malayalam!! You know what A person had a test to write the reverse spelt word in the correct way and you know what he didn't have to do anything!! You know why??"

" Uhh.... no chutki , I don't know"

" Cuz it was , malayalam hehehehe , what a joke . I am such a genius hahahah"

" oooooooooooooohkkk Yeah it was a uhhh moderate joke , A+ for effort"

" Uhh yes thanks * questioning my purpose* So whats special about your mother tongue apart from the lame joke I made about"

" Umm I dont have any idea other than that it is really hard"

"Oh , sounds fun! so do you have difficulty speaking it??"

" Heavens no!! I dont have difficulty speaking or reading it , its just writing"

" Oh! it happens with me too regarding hindi , by the way , can you tell me a joke in malayalam ?"

"LDF varum ellam sheriaakum XD"

"Oh I didn't understand a word but sounds funny , I have a joke in my language too Mom:Gym jaane se John Cena to nahi ban rahe jaao padho kid: mom me school jaake Einstein bhi nahi ban raha" ( Seriously! this kid is savage)

" ooooh that burn!! *tsk* * tsk* savage bachcha hai bro"

"Ikr , so lets do some serious questions , shall we?"

" why not!! lets do'em "

"Why do we celebrate this day, International Mother Language Day , Lol 10 marks question Badki!"

"Umm .. soo that we can conserve our culture and languages....kind of , lol 2 marks answer"

"OH! smart answer bro , we must respect our culture and languages other than interest languages"

"yay!! lemme tell you a fact In france no one speaks english , as they think it would disrespect there language, they only speak french and if u wanna visit there... be ready with your google translator which is... broken lol hehehe"

"lmao , thats cool and yes the google translator is kinda broken , so as we are talkin about cultures why not add racist jokes huh??" (Yeah I know I am stupid , I shouldn't have said that but enjoy)

" yeah why not , just don't make them too racist other wise , that wouldn't be appropriate chutki , we must respect everyone's culture!!"

"ye ye mama *mocking * i promise they are funny 1.Being British is the best excuse for having meaningless humor *laughs evilly* hehe I am such a comedian "

"Whaaaaaaa- XDDDDD , ooooooffffff"

" So can you tell the greatest miracle done by jesus ??"

" Uhhh , walking on water , he is ninja jesus you know hahhahah"

"ehhhh ... no!!its Being a white person in the middle east, hahahah , thats so funny heheheheheh, I am a genius " (please don't take it seriously coz its just a joke , please )

"Wow -_- , he better not hear this but nice try , you will get better one day.........one sunny day...."

" yes , u are right * dead inside* so I would like to ask a final question to ya badki"

" what!! too soon , nevermind continue----"

"Any conclusions or last message to our audience ??"

" yeah I do have one Never think that you have too many books and as a side not if you really think you have extra give them to me lol"

" haha lol , sure young lady !! tathaastoo!!"

" Of course hehehe"

" Thankyou for joining me , I guess this will be the end of our never ending interview , I am sad tho , come gemme a hug" * hugs Badki*

"Thank YOU for having me here"

" So that was all for our long- long interview, I hope you had fun and wishing you a happy mother language day"

Special Thanks to @ze_enigma_write

See ya' and forgive me for any mistakes i commited during the interview coz it was unscripted

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