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This is a very beautiful message I needed to spread trying my best to make it a good piece of work too....please dont ignore it,its really important


From the rise of the sun Till the end of the day

I saw many people Walking away

I bumped in a girl..... With beautiful curls and a pretty face She didn't care just yelled and swished away

Your dress doesn't show your personality It only does make you feel capativity...

Your inner beauty.......reflects the type of human in you Its the reflection of the your view

The spirit inside........ Is far away from these Beliefs And only belives in enhancing your inner appeals

The reflection of the mirror is just an illusion Casted by the object to leave you in hesitation

The thing always mattered is something beneath you This truth is only known by a few

Its something you have to persue And not to contemplate about the physical you......


Hey so........I know its been a long time since my last poem(friendship)....but I needed time to think about this one coz this one is very special to me please give your reviews about it and I hope you will relate to it and love it!!!! Until then bye ><

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