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_shimmermist_ If I was you ,I'd wanna be me too
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Hello readers! I need to report that I am in need of writers for collaboration =__= Please^=^

So this is how it goes....

1. I will be creating two poems in a collab ,The first poem with my ideas and the second one can be related to any genre you want.

2. My topics: ● Friends ●the reality ●shooting stars ●fall(seasonal) There are many more !!

3. If you want to collab you have to dm me or just confirm your presence in the comments and we can start from the next day and...don't wait for my replies coz (there is a term called time zones😂😂 and I am from India)

4. The poem will be published after the discussion of lines,order of the slides , visuals etc.

5. DM ME!!!

6. I know creating a poem takes time but no problem if it's difficult to do so we can even take breaks in between or just mail me if it difficult to share something on commaful dm. (Not really penguins bugs tho..)

7. I promise we can do it , and we will do it !! All I need is your participation If you are currently busy in something else so just share it to others , who knows your help could lead to a blockbuster work!!

See ya' DM me for further details.

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