Friendship ❤
Friendship ❤ first collab stories

_shimmermist_ Why dont you come and participate!!
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My first collab ....please check it out

Friendship ❤

Sometimes friendship is just like a paper clip........ Loose on some people..... which lead to quarrel Sometimes the perfect for some people ........ they are really special for us in our lives, And are always there to give u a high -five😌

Friendship is a nature in a human And many a times leaves us in confusion.

Its difficult to go through that time But after that, for sure u will be fine..........

True friends never judge you Or never try to harm you.....

They are always there for you _

They were always there for you........

Sunstillshines & habel.........

So guys this was my collab with habel and please follow him ....he is a great story writer and checkout the collab story on habel's account The link is in the comments And if u guys wanna collab so please inform me in the comments section.... Until then take care ❤❤❤❤

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